Meadowside of Woodstock - #25 CT Route 197 Woodstock CT



Meadowside of Woodstock Campground is a seasonal co-op campground consisting of 100 permanent sites.  Each site is privately owned.  Each owner is a member of the management organization and has 1/100th share in the management of the campground and all activities associated with running it.  Amenities and operations include an event's pavilion, in-ground pool, recreation hall, playground, mini golf and other common areas of the campground.  These are funded through an annual assessment that is paid by each lot owner.  Other additional costs paid by each lot owner include electricity, personal internet and local property taxes.  Lot owners may install DirectTV or other satellite television at their own expense.  

Each owner must have a camper or trailer on their lot and must maintain it in a fashion that’s agreeable with the other owners and follows the campground by-laws.  We feel that this produces the ultimate family environment for all parties concerned.  Meadowside of Woodstock Campground is a seasonal campground, typically open from mid-April to the end of October, depending on a variety of circumstances.

There are no tent sites or temporary usages currently available within this campground.  Each site is privately owned.

The mailing address is Meadowside of Woodstock  P.O. Box 503  Quinebaug, Ct. 06262. 

Meadowside Board of Directors as of August 2023:


  • President: Rocco Addeo, Lot #13   (August 2024)
  • Vice President: Mark Nowosadko, Lot #24 (August 2024)
  • Treasurer: George Auger, Lot #68  (August 2025)
  • Secretary: Lisa Prince, Lot #63 (August 2026)
  • General Board Member at Large: Bob Berube, Lot #19 (August 2026)